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Deer Repellent Fences – Things to Keep in Mind
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Do you have a garden or yard space? If yes, then you should keep it secure from animal attacks. Usually, deer get attracted to garden spaces if you have sweet-smelling vegetables and plants. One of the best ways to keep your garden safe is by opting in for deer fences that are available today.

Benefits of fences and repellents

Not every homeowner is ready to shift to use deer-resistant shrubs! For them, fencing works best. And homeowners shouldn’t just invest in it in fear of deer destroying your garden space, but also use it as a good practice. You can also use deer repellent sprays along with it. It helps to:

  • Averting all toxic chemicals
  • Securing the plants
  • Keeping your garden space safe and sound from sudden attacks
  • Keeping the disease-bearing deer away from your garden

A few essential considerations

Have you decided to invest in a deer fence? If yes, then there are a few considerations that you should make. They are:

  1. Fence height – You need to know that deer can jump great heights. They can leap to about 8 feet high. Hence, it is necessary to opt-in for a sturdy barrier fence that will stand 8 feet tall. However, today, you have other advanced options to choose from as well, such as the wireless deer fences.
  2. You can allow for the slack – The big deer will usually try and push the area beneath the fences. Hence, you should ensure that there’s no minute gap between the ground and the fence. If you are opting in for polypropylene-mesh fencing, you are providing yourself with a little slack. Here the slack might spill on the ground right in front of the fence. It can get pinned on the ground using stakes.
  3. Decide on the repairs – If there’s any damage caused to the barrier fences; you need to get the same repaired at the earliest. It is a robust fence and needs to get fixed by an ace service provider and brought back to its full function.
  1. Think more than deer – Even though you must try and keep deer away from your garden space, there are other considerations you can make as well. For instance, you can make arrangements to keep specific birds and other animals away from the garden space, as well. Choosing a barrier-style fence is an intelligent decision here. At best, you can customize it a bit for which you might have to pay a few extra bucks.
  2. Count on durability – Do you want a durable and robust deer fence? If yes, then you can opt-in for a metal fence. Make sure it gets galvanized as you purchase the same. The UV-protected polypropylene is the ideal option.
  3. Don’t overlook the gate – You should always remember that when you add a gate, your garden is secured. You can say yes to a deer-proof gate.

These are some of the essential considerations that you need to make! Once you choose a fence with these tips in mind, you can select the one that will last a long time. You can compare the fences to arrive at an informed decision.


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